Brief History of Human Liberation

I am very sorry about my memory. I could not remember when it happen and how long it took. I only remember how it happen...

It started when I was a child. It was just called Computer. Human being got a tool to express their intelligence. Computer can remember the way the human being process things. Then Computer can just repeat the process.

It was the tool to share the intelligence with other people. It was called Software or Program. It could merge Intelligence of many people. At the beginning, like any other things, software were freely exchanged between people. Then, like any other things, it became difficult to be exchanged. It start to belong some place or party. Some people did not like that idea. So, some of people just continue to exchange their Intelligence by software.

It was just called Free software. Free is from Freedom. Software was different then other things. Intelligence could express on any other things, like paper by writing or drawing. But those things need some effort to work or duplicate. Like if it is a design of a car, you need to get material and work for it.

Software was different. If someone had Computer, what she need is to copy the software and put it in her Computer. To copy software cost almost nothing and happens almost immediately. She can experiment same thing which the owner / originator was experiencing.

Free Software Movement was organized by Free Software Foundation. They were calling their project GNU. To protect their project and products, they made a license statement. it was called GPL (Gnu Public license). Actually, it was opposite of the ordinary License. License was used to own something by certain party. But GPL was used not to be owned by certain party but to be owned by Public, to be exchanged freely.

When GPL licensed product became independent from non-free products, when it became able to work only with GPL licensed products, it start to becoming famous. First Independent Free Software was called Linux. Some of people might remember the name of it. If someone got Computer, she could use Linux without any other non-free = someone owned software. She could get many other software to run on the Linux and the Computer. What she need to get by work is the Material = the Computer. Linux was core of the Software and many GNU product were merged and called Gnu/Linux.

The success of the Gnu/Linux triggered many other things. The movement was called Opensource movement. Opensource means open to public the information about the software to fix the problem and modify / improve the software. The difference of Opensource and Free software is that Opensource was still trying to be owned by certain party.

The number and quality of the free software was increasing. Someone who has intelligence to be shared, like to join the Free software. But not for Opensource. So, the license of Opensource was getting closer to GPL and many of Opensource got changed to free software by GPL.

The power of the production was getting so huge. At this time, earth was connected by Computer and Software. This connection to exchange Intelligence was called Internet. you might amaze but many of software for Internet was Free software.

Scientist and Engineers was not so much interest to own their products of their intelligence. With this Internet, communication of Intelligence and Software and Information was getting so huge.

Soon, many other movement got started. like [open science], [open technology], [open engineering]. [open arts], [open music], [open books], [open drawing], etc. etc. They start to exchange their Intelligence and information.

Information was closer to Software but Information itself could not work by itself. Like Software need Computer to work, Information need human being or software to work.

The Earth was divided in many areas.
The Human being was divided in many parties.

With Internet and Open-movement, Intelligence, Information and Software were freely exchanged. The Areas and the Parties were trying to stop but could not succeeded. Because the Free exchange were also supporting the Area and Parties. I am not sure how long it was, but it might not so long because many things to make our earth rich was ready and just waiting to be open. when some party start to open things, it trigger the chain reaction. It happened very quickly, quickly like the wall between the east and west Germany resolved.

Intelligence and Information, Software were supporting the Earth and Human being to become abundance. The movement are called "Explosion of Intelligence and Creativity".

With this movement, the Earth and Human being became so rich. Soon, people does not need to suffer for the material. Because Intelligence were supporting the materials to abundant. With this richness of material, the areas and parties and persons were stop fighting. It was important to fight and win to make people rich while the world was not rich enough to make all people rich. But the Abundance of the Earth made people transformed.

Human being were getting ready to fly high from the material world. Materials were basics of the life but there were many layer of the world. This movement was simply called "Religiousness" or "Religioning".

So, those ware short history of the Human Revelation. and now we are living at the era of Human Enlightenment. I am a disciple of the Master Osho. He was living on the earth while Open-movement were starting. He triggered many of Intelligence to be free.
You can read HIS work here.... You will amaze how the history happened how he said....

26-Dec-1999+30, first version in English.
6-Jan-2000+30, translated to Japanese.
8-Jul-2000+30, fix bugs.