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Ryoju Kikuchi, who are rather known as Tamo-san and once visited to Pune, has been showered rose flowers by OSHO in Buddha Hall. It was very rare seen to see Osho acknowledging someone's enlightenment.
She had published one book long time ago concerning about the world situation we are in right now. Here is the whole translation available if you are interested in what she is saying in the book.

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Jun Hosikawa

BE BRAVE, AMERICANS! from your friends in Japan
Jun Hoshikawa, a writer and a translator who lives in Yakushima island in Japan and used to be known as Sw.Prabudha, has send a message to all the Americans, concerning about the present situation in the world.

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Nothing Is Really Serious---by Mega

Nothing Is Really Serious
Mega said " Nothing is really serious ! " even if I could not upadate the story for so long! ---but what to do! I have been speaking day in day out but not updated because there was none around me taping what I was speaking! So I have decided to tape myself! Nothing is really serious even if I am talking and chating with my tape recorder!

:Meena suddenly has started to draw painting? with computer, using touch-pad and photoshop, and now I sometimes get surprised with her creativitiy. Her paintings are being digitally made but looking beautiful like analog paintings.

<LINK>TOPPAMONO means in Japanese : someone who break thorough, and the guy who wrote this biographical story is the TOPPAMONO. He was born in the family of YAKUZA, Japanese gang, mafia and one time chased by the police with the crime he was nothing to do. If you feel like to know what is Japanese spirit, deep mentality, you read this site. One problem is: when you brows to this site, because this site character-set is in Japanese, your browser may ask you to download Japanese character-set. You cancel and go on. It is all in English and you can see.


Human waste, when it is fertilized, gives a sweet smell.----If you use the help of micro-organisms, agricultural production will be definitely increased. This is far better than the modern method of using chemicals, and moreover it has no bad effects on the environment.


ARCHAN"The Hands of Zen"
<LINK> I am amidst the raging elements a tiny human being though not helpless for my anchor is strong and makes me enjoy what was frightful before. ( Archan 2001)


<LINK> Luna has come out to this world severely premature and damaged his brain. Now he is on the programs from the Doman Method and has started to share what he sees and feels about everything. It is just amazing to read what he expresses (and he is only a small child). Don't wait a single minute just click his picture and get his site, where Engilish bottom is availabe(your browser may ask you download Japanese characterset. Click cancel, just find "English" on the top of the top page and get to English page). Some of his books have been already translated in English you may be able to get by mail order.


<LINK> GAiJIN is a Japanese word meaning the poeple outside, or the people coming from outside. This is very useful site if your are interested in Japan, thinking visiting there or having some business with Japan. The site even has a recruiting page for foreigners.


<LINK> Special Links to LUKA! Wonderful site. Playful, heartful loving, dolphin and devotive singing! Just visit and enjoy!


Magno, Russian artist--he is painting and sharing what he sees. In this site, you can hear what he says on his each painting, and get his wall paper. Updated on 17 June.

Mogul Garden D9

Nirava: the man who plays with Indian fabrics
"I fell in love Indian fabrics--Kadhi.....and now I really fell in love with Indian natural dye, which I found the best in the world!"

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk
If I was Nilam----

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk
You should not forget the very purpose of being here. But people are getting serious about the management, the commune or whatever--

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk

Dharmadeep's Spontaneous Talk
When somebody complained to OSHO about the management in 1972----

A Japanese windsurfer has visited OSHO commune in Pune.

A Japanese windsurfer has visited OSHO commune in Pune.
He is very much known in the field of windsurfing in Japan. He has been windsurfing all over the world these 10 years. He said about windsurfing, "It gives me orgasm like in making love, but much more"


Dharmadeep"What is happening in Poona"
I love to hear what he speaks, because he always gives me another aspect of seeing things.(Mahasukh)

Kavisha Interview

Kavisha Interview
Cypress, a sannyas Japanese Magazine, interviewed Kavisha who left her body some years ago. She is known to rarely give any interview. Perhaps this is the only one?


Sidhai has an unique way of seeing what is happening now in Pune. Let him speak what he wants to say and check how you see yourself.

Osho Diamond Breath

Osho Diamond Breath
Sorry some pages are still on the way.

New Age Company in Pune--Alchemist Products

New Age Company in Pune--Alchemist Products
Rama, president of the company, says, "Health is a process. It is just like a meditation"


Meera, artist and Satyam, poet ( both japanese ) will soon release a book-- " b l o s s m i n g  "-- this book contains Meera's artworks over these 20 years and Satyam's zen poems.

Visually Possessed

Visually Possessed"---says Anudas
Anudas is a photographer. His way of seeing the world, or of taking photoes of womens is unique. Visually Possessed is the title of his first album. is powered by OHAH.NET designed by maha supported by setu,open source,sameera, maha, Mehendi, aora, flowerykiss, aurasoma-unity, elestial, hena, sameera, sameera herb,sameera hena, real india, cafedeearth